About TravMantra

TravMantra Pvt. Ltd. A Name to reckon with when you plan your holiday to the Indian Subcontinent, a young Destination Management company with a dynamic team which has an aggregate experience of almost seven decades in handling guests from all over the world In the years gone by each individual of the core team has expertise for a specific stream and international guests management.

After working with internationally known brands the team made a conscious decision to make a new brand TravMantra. The name itself is derived with a combination of the new world and the ancient Hindu scriptures, TRAV derived from Travel and Mantra, A sacred utterance, The Om syllable is considered a mantra in its own right in Vedanta school of Hinduism. TravMantra believes in providing the best of technological support to cope up with the modern way of travel at the same time believing in Athithi Devo Bhava (Guests are a form of god )

We believe in providing the best holiday solutions to our guests from all over the world and go an extra step to make their holiday a memorable one. We are committed to offering travel services of the highest quality, combining our energy and enthusiasm.

Ever since the company was established in 2013, TravMantra has concentrated its efforts in producing quality travel, responding to the needs of the times while anticipating the demands of the future. You will discover that TravMantra is quite diverse.

We specialize in the following arenas of travel

1) FIT - Frequent Individual Travel
2) GIT – Group Individual Travel
3) Family Bonding Holidays
4) Honeymoon Experiential holidays
5) Holistic Holidays
6) Incentive Tours
7) Cruise Operations – Ground Handling, Pre / Post Tours / Shore excursions/ Overland Tours / Charters / Turn around Services
8) Annual meetings
9) International government delegations
10) Wild Life expeditions
11) Adventure Tours
12) Spiritual Tours
13) Medical Tours
14) Travel films and documentary shoots

The above is just the tip of the Iceberg, we make hand crafted holidays for all our guests and have in-depth knowledge of India and presence across the subcontinent into Nepal, SriLanka, Bhutan, Middle East, Far East, South East Asia, Europe, Uk, USA etc.

We have our associate offices all over the Indian subcontinent with specific country heads looking after our guests with utmost care. We emphasize on Health and safety of our guests to the utmost.

We look forward to assist you with your Travel arrangement with policy of your travel your way. 

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